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andrew potter

elisa_rolle in slashyfilm

Violet Tendencies (2010) directed by Casper Andreas

A woman tries to distance herself from her gay friends in an effort to land a straight boyfriend.

Director: Casper Andreas
Mindy Cohn ... Violet
Marcus Patrick ... Zeus
Jesse Archer ... Luke
Samuel Whitten ... Riley
Casper Andreas ... Markus
Kim Allen ... Salome
Adrian Armas ... Darian

It was almost an epic battle with Amazon and a series of coincidence that have me seeing and reviewing this movie so long after it was out in DVD. More than 2 years ago I met online (before meeting him also face to face in NYC) Jesse Archer and he was right in the middle of producing Violet Tendencies. After that meeting I started to follow this movie, it's the first movie I "adopted", and so I knew step by step when the cast was chosen, when they started filming, when they premiered... but for a reason or the other, when I was in the right city, the movie had premiered the week before or was planned for the week after... and on and on.

But finally I saw it, and I have to say, it was even better than what I was hoping. Sure, the story concerning Violet (Mindy Cohn) is funny but not light, Violet is a wonderful character facing everything with a positive attitude and I had never the feeling she didn't manage to find the love of her life, maybe stumbling upon some fake diamonds, but the real treasure was there, waiting for her.

What surprised me are the stories concerning the supporting characters. Jesse Archer penned for himself a nice role, that of Luke, trying to find a way for his relationship with Darian work, even if they seem to have different target in life, but in the end they have one thing in common, the love for each other.

But really, the nicest and real sweet love story is the one between Riley and Marcus. Actually Marcus (the director Casper Andreas) is a little backstage, leaving the spotlight to Riley (Sam Whitten): he is for me the best character of all the movie, and the actor did a wonderful job in rendering the character. I wouldn't mind to see how their story evolves, if they, in the end, will manage to become parents as Marcus is hoping.

Marcus Patrick as Zeus is almost a cameo, but the few scenes where he is are sweet and romantic, and he is the wet dream of everyone, despite the gender.

Luke & Darian

Riley & Marcus

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