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andrew potter

elisa_rolle in slashyfilm

Judas Kiss (2011) directed by J.T. Tepnapa

A quirk in time and space gives a failed filmmaker the chance to reshape his destiny when he visits his peculiar alma mater.

Director: J.T. Tepnapa
Sean Paul Lockhart ... Chris Wachowsky
Charlie David ... Zachary Wells
Richard Harmon ... Danny Reyes
Timo Descamps ... Shane Lyons

I was expecting a lot from this movie, since, well, the tam-tam was huge, the cast was good, and yes, I was really interesting in see how they would interact with each other, who will be with whom and so on.

Charlie David was perfect for his role, a man disappointed with his present life and in no mood to walk through the memory line to be a judge in a college movie festival, the same college and the same movie festival crowning him 15 years ago and now completely forgetting who he is.

Richard Harmon is so "haunting" that is no wonder all the cute boys want to sleep with him (and most manage to). He has an attitude but he seems to deserve it also. He is beautiful, probably even too beautiful and he has got talent, probably even too much. He wants to be someone, but he wants also to escape from his past. And, in the end, he prefers when men take advantage of him, manipulate him, betray him... for him it's how the ways are, how he is expecting to be treated.

That is the reason why he seems to prefer Shane to Chris, even if, actually, he is playing with both of them (and on the side also with Zach).

Sean Paul Lockhart in the role of Chris is probably, with Harmon, the best discovery of this movie. The right dose of enticing young boy, the right dose of shyness, he is the safety against the allure of Shane. I think I understood who Chris is in Danny's future, or maybe it's what I want to believe for them.

All in all a good movie, low budget but you barely notice it, and some of the camera shot are almost paintings so good they are. And, I was almost forgetting... good sex scene too, saying all it has to be said without showing gratuituos naked bodies.

Danny & Chris

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It's funny, but just the other day I was thinking of your recs and how there hasn't been a post for a while. :) Thanks for the review. It seems like an interesting movie.
very busy with life, but now I have some titles I'd like to see and review
Thanks for the rec. I love this movie. I barely noticed it was a low budget film. The acting is good and the actors are hot. It’s definite step up from most low budget gay films.
Agree, they did the most with what they had
Maurice Kiss

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