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andrew potter

elisa_rolle in slashyfilm

eCupid (2012) directed by J.C. Calciano

Marshall is frustrated in love. He downloads a mysterious app that gives him everything he thinks he wants. He soon learns to be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

Director: J.C. Calciano

Writer: J.C. Calciano

Stars: Andy Anderson, John Callahan and Galen Drever

eCupid is fun, light, sweet and very romantic. I had already enjoyed the previous movie by J.C. Calciano, Is It Just Me?, but I have to admit it was a little low budget and you could see it. In eCupid this perception is almost nada, and almost everything is perfect, from the chosen cast to the setting to the music. True, there are some gay stereotypes, the frat boy, the party boy, the twink, the buddy friend, but no one of them is exaggerated, or depicts in a way that is offensive, it’s more a way for the main character to realize he is in love with his boyfriend, and that he has to do everything he can to mend the break between them.

Gabe has few to do on his side, since, from how I see it, he only tried to not overcome his lover with his trouble, when he knew Marshall had few of his own. Gabe is sweet and kind, and really the perfect boyfriend. Marshall is simply having a 7 years scratch itch, and with the intervention of a very useful Apps, eCupid, he will understand how stupid he has been.

Houston Rhines, in the role of Marshall, is perfect, if not a little “couch potato”, meaning that he is waiting for the solution to come to him and not viceversa. He is not that bad, but he has to grow a back bone ;-) said that he is cute, and he really doesn’t do anything to alienate his sweet boyfriend, and so he has the right to have him back.

Noah Schuffman as Gabe is more than cute, and he is also sweet and kind, and yes, sexy, way sexier than all the other men Marshall will meet. He is the right catch, and rightly, once he is “temporarily” free, he will have the line in front of him.

eCupid is so good I can see it out of the gay themed indie circuit to try the mainstream circuit.

Marshall and Gabe

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Maurice Kiss

June 2012

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