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Films for the Slash-loving Crowd!
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Welcome to Slashyfilm, the community where you can discuss, review, recommend, find, and post screencaps from gay- and lesbian-themed films! Here be space to squee about boys kissing (or complain about the lack thereof), complain about the lack of non-angsty Lesbian films, post your Brokeback Mountain screencaps, get recommendations for your next Gay Film Night and even more!

a few rules:

♥Please keep posts ON TOPIC- this means you should be talking about gay/lesbian/etc films, not trying to find a date or pimp your fanfic comm. Community pimping is allowed, but only if it's a community that is related to gay film.

♥NO WANK. PERIOD. As Mod, I will delete posts at my discretion if I feel they are intentionally inflammatory, or off-topic. Debate and discussion are awesome, but flaming and trolls are not.

♥ Please tag your posts and label your headers appropriately. Guidelines can be found Here.

♥ Please put reviews that contain spoilers under an lj-cut, in case someone decides they want to see the movie first before knowing how it ends. Same goes for images and long posts! When in doubt, lj-cut!

♥ Please post one review per thread, with the movie title in the subject line, so they can be easily-indexed later on.

♥ If you have three or more reviews to post at once, please consider staggering the posts over a few days so as to not spam our members' flists. I'm not going to be a Nazi about this, but it's good netiquette to follow our comm rules, mkay?

♥Feel free to contact me if you'd like to affiliate!

dramaphile, slashyfilm Mod extraordinaire